Why Squarespace?

There's a question that I get asked all the time from new customers: why Squarespace?

I believe in building websites that clients can love, use and own. Squarespace enables me to build great websites on a foundation that is easy to understand, even for non-technical folks. We believe that even though I'm always here to help, you shouldn't have to pay us to change a photo, or edit your about page. You own your website, and Squarespace helps me help you to do that.

I have hundreds of hours of experience with Squarespace. In my experience, they also provide outstanding uptime, best-in-class support, constantly updated technology and beautiful design. The best part is that everything you need is in one place. With Squarespace, I can get your business online in just one week.

I have used other website builders like Wordpress, Vistaprint Site Builder and have even built websites from scratch for over five years. Nothing I've found has been simpler and more client-friendly than Squarespace.

I'm proud to be members of Squarespace Circle, a community for creative professionals who build websites on Squarespace. They didn't pay me to say this (but they do always answer my emails.)

Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood