Website Design

A beautiful, functional website will make you stand out and be discoverable online. With Wood Graphic Design at the helm, your site will be modern, include the latest coding techniques (like CSS animations), and have great SEO to get you up the list on search engines.


97% of people search online first to find local businesses. Get your business on the search engines and finding customers with a professional site.

Keep everyone current on your engagement and wedding. Post pictures, list wedding gifts and share your story leading up to the big day.

Got a festival, fair, reunion or other event you need to market annually? A website is a great option!

We offer online stores with flexibility and discoverability. List products, manage inventory and share your custom-designed storefront.

If you're running for office, you need an office online. Spread your campaign with a beautiful site and award-winning SEO.

Spread the news or just share gossip with your own news site. Includes features like article tagging and social media sharing.


+ Client Editable
+ Responsive: Works On All Screen Sizes
+ Professionally Typeset
+ Custom Coding & Graphics
+ Custom Photography
+ Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
+ Includes Search Listing Clean-Up
+ FREE Consultation


Why do I use Squarespace? It is an easy-to-use but very customizable site builder similar to WordPress and Wix but with better support. Also, it gives my clients the ability to see their site as I work, and even edit their own site when I'm finished.

By the time I'm finished with your site, I'm sure you'll love it, too.


My sites can go for as low as $399. The average price of a project is around $899. If you need a price quote for your project, please send me the details by filling out the contact form.

Branding Design



We specialize in logos that are both flexible and will stand the test of time. Your logo is often times the first impression people will have of your business. Whether it's on a sign, a business card, or on your website, it's the calling card that anchors a brand and represents who you are as a business.

(Includes 3 Concepts and 5 Revisions)


While your logo is the anchor of your business, your identity is the sail. An identity is the visual aspects that form part of your overall brand including fonts, colors and layouts used in advertising and print collateral. Your final identity will include a branding guide to help your brand remain consistent and focused.

WE also Offer

+ Logo Vectorization - $30

Print Design


One of the most important parts your branding involves consistent and eye-catching print collateral for your business. If you have a project that's not listed, contact me.


+ Business Cards
+ Letterheads/Envelopes
+ Brochures
+ Table Tents
+ Posters

+ Yard Signs
+ Metal Signage
+ T-Shirts
+ Packaging
+ Tradeshow Displays

+ Vehicle Wraps
+ Decals

Advertising Design

Using an in-depth understanding of advertising and composition, Wood Graphic Design can make a creative and interesting piece that helps your publication or advertisement stand out.

+ Newsletter Design
+ Magazine Design
+ Newspaper Design
+ Printed & Online Ads