Website Design

A beautiful, functional website will make you stand out and be discoverable online. With Wood Graphic Design at the helm, your site will be modern, include the latest coding techniques (like CSS animations), and have great SEO to get you up the list on search engines.

What You Get

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“I am not just a web developer—I’m also a graphic designer. Many web developers can code well but don’t have the ability to design a beautiful website. Your site from WGD will be built to modern coding standards and look beautiful, too.”
— Andrew Wood, Designer/Developer


+ Free Consultation
+ Client Editable
+ Responsive / Fits All Screen Sizes
+ Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
+ Professionally Typeset
+ Custom Coding
+ Custom Graphics
+ Custom Photography
+ G-Suite Business Email
+ Includes Search Listing Clean-Up


Why do I recommend Squarespace? It is an easy-to-use but very customizable site builder similar to WordPress and Wix but with better support. Also, it gives my clients the ability to see their site as we work, and then edit their own site when we’re finished.

By the time I’m finished with your site, you’re guaranteed to love it, too.

NOTE: We can use other website builders upon request including Wix, Weebly, Shopify, and Wordpress but certain features may vary.

You Need A Website

97% of consumers look online first before buying locally.

Social media alone does not help you rank on search engines and does not replace a website.

75% of judgements on a company’s credibility are based on the company’s website design.

Nearly two-thirds of small businesses rely on websites to connect with customers.

Kinds of Websites


97% of people search online first to find local businesses. Get your business on the search engines and finding customers with a professional site.


Keep everyone current on your engagement and wedding. Post pictures, list wedding gifts and share your story leading up to the big day.


Got a festival, fair, reunion or other event you need to market weekly, monthly or annually? A website is a great option!


I offer online stores with flexibility and discoverability. List products, manage inventory and share your custom-designed storefront.


If you're running for office, you need an office online. Spread your campaign with a beautiful site and chart-topping SEO.


Spread the news or just share gossip with your own news site. Includes features like article tagging and social media sharing.

Price Breakdown

Each website has different requirements. However, there are a couple of consistent things that you are required to pay for when building a website.

  • Domain Registration

  • Hosting
    (Where your files are stored to be publicly accessible)

  • Design and Development
    (Based on page count/features requested)

The design and development costs for my websites can go as low as a few hundred. If you need a price quote for your project, please send me detailed information about your project and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


Branding Design

Wood Pharmacy - Before & After (New Logo & Signage)


We specialize in logos that are both flexible and will stand the test of time. Your logo is often times the first impression people will have of your business, whether it's on a sign, a business card, or on your website. It's the calling card that anchors a brand and represents who you are as a business.


While your logo is the anchor of your business, your identity is the sail. An identity is the visual aspects that form part of your overall brand including fonts, colors and layouts used in advertising and print collateral. Your final identity will include a branding guide to help your brand remain consistent and focused.

Other Branding Services

Logo Vectorization

Get your low quality, rasterized (jpg, png, gif) logo redrawn as a vector image (eps, pdf, ai).

A vector image can typically be described as a infinitely scalable, editable image. This gives you freedom when it comes to graphic design and illustration. As such, vector images are ideal for company logos and other design images that often require scaling.

Vector vs. Raster Image


Print Design


One of the most important parts your branding is having consistent and eye-catching print collateral for your business. Once your project design is complete, we can work with local printing companies to get your project printed.

Christ Forged Apparel - Brochure Design


+ Business Cards
+ Letterheads/Envelopes
+ Brochures
+ Table Tents
+ Posters


+ Yard Signs
+ Metal Signage
+ T-Shirts
+ Packaging
+ Tradeshow Displays

Advertising/Layout Design

Using an in-depth understanding of composition, Wood Graphic Design can make a creative and interesting layout that helps your publication or advertisement stand out.


+ Newsletter Layout
+ Magazine Layout
+ Newspaper Layout


+ Print Advertising Design
+ Online Static Ads
+ Online Animated Ads

NC Psychological Association - Newsletter Layout Design